FAQs (AKA - Frequently Asked Questions):

What type of design services do you offer?

  • Our main focus is 3D technical design/drafting services for production work.
    • We use Solidworks to create our digital 3D design models. Once we design a digital 3D model, we create the production drawings needed for construction.
    • With Solidworks and the digital 3D model we create, you will be able to view your design from any angle to get a good idea of how it really looks or how it will be constructed. With this file we can also create moveable mechanical assemblies to show how parts & links move & react (i.e. suspension linkage, or a hinged bookcase). 
    • Speaking of construction, our models also have the capability of supplying critical information such as cut-lists, material requirements, or a bill of materials. This information is directly linked to the digital model, so when dimensions, part quantities, or designs change, the affected lists update automatically.
    • Want more info on the software we use? Follow the link here to learn more: Solidworks by Dassault Systemes.


What kind of stuff do you design?

  • In its simplest form, we help people who make stuff. Below is a list of some of the requests we've been able to help our clients with.
    • I need new cabinets. Can you help with the designs? - YES
    • I want to build a deck. Can you help? - YES
    • I am replacing my fence and I need drawings to help understand how much material I need. Can you help?- YES
    • I need to build a chicken coop. Can you help? - YES
    • I am replacing a residential dock out on a lake, can you help design the new one? - YES
    • I've got this big industrial light table. Can you create a design to turn it into a lighted coffee table to showcase my agate collection? - That's specific but, YES
    • I am building a pre-runner race truck and I'd like to be able to see the suspension in action so it can be fine tuned. Can you help? - YES
    • I want a hinged bookcase to act as a hidden door in my house. Can you help? - YES


Still have questions? Send us an email, shoot us a text or give us a call today.

However you get in touch, we are here to help make YOUR ideas a reality.