WHAT WE DO (aka Our Mission):

To put it simply, we help people who make stuff. "What kind of stuff." you might ask?

Our background began in yacht design, and grew to include custom woodwork & cabinetry, commercial aerospace interiors, composite mold tooling, and metalwork (and even a chicken coop!) Our beginning spurred from a simple need: People like you have ideas. When people have ideas, they make stuff. When people make stuff, they typically start with design ideas in one form or another, be they a napkin sketch or a fully detailed set of blueprints.

That’s where we come in: We develop, refine, and finalize your ideas for fabrication.

We’re here to help make YOUR ideas and design needs a reality. Whether you’re a start-up, big corporation, or an individual working on your own, we believe everyone is entitled to affordable, down-to-earth, professional design services. It’s just that simple. And because of our dedication, timely service, and attention to both customers and details, we have satisfied customers; that’s why 99% of our client base is by referral. Have an idea you’d like to make a reality? Send us an email or give us a call today!

EDDY DESIGN LLC | making ideas reality.